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FS 911 Pack v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2018-02-24 03:42:44, by John Der33

Hope everyone enjoys this pack.

1. Broyeur Forestier

2. Broyeur Forestier Outils

3. Brush 600

4. Engine 3 V1

5. Engine71

6. FireChief

7. Ford pierce 84 V3

8. Ford pierce 91 V2

9. FS17 Fire Tiller Trailer

10. FS17 Fire Tiller Truck 7

11. Ladder 2 V1

12. OCVFD Engine 41 V1

13. OCVFD Medic 47 V1

14. Police maverick

15. Police Charger

16. Police Tahoe

17. Tanker 603 V2

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FS 911 Pack v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (11)

2018-02-24 14:37:53 joseph.stinson (Guest)
take this down im in the grop on face book take it down or modland get taking down k
2018-02-24 15:30:57 Grf (Guest)
stupid mod which fire could we extinguish in fs ?
2018-02-25 05:40:43 whitepsycho187
love it as im ful time firefighter
2018-02-26 14:51:22 lambo4270 (Guest)
looks fun
2018-02-27 06:04:11 tasteless (Guest)
2018-02-28 03:32:10 DD (Guest)
None of them show up when downloaded so what's the use
2018-03-06 18:17:09 mark (Guest)
they show up but when u try and purchase them it doesnt work
2018-05-29 16:44:18 MYBUTT (Guest)
Do you have fs17 on steam and there is a fire mod and you can put the fire out with that duh
2018-05-29 20:59:20 Rx1966
D U M B Mod - as in stupid. enough said - Next!
2018-06-13 17:47:05 Damien (Guest)
It needs to be updated. I like it but I've seen a bit of bugs on it such as the trucks driving forward without pressing anything, or the camera just rotating.
2019-04-28 03:23:34 HI bit (Guest)
In order for this to work you need to put all the .zip files that are in the file into the mods folder.

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