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Claas Axion 800 Series Full Pack

Rating: 4/5, based on 48 votes
uploaded 2018-07-04 00:15:48, by Famaro96

Hello LS community!
I present you my version Claas Axion 800 Series. Mod has been rebuilt in 100%.The new version Axion 800 Series
has many new configurations, improved model and textures, new animations,configurations,new new driving physics and bug fixes and many other improvements...
I spent many hours with the my version of Claas Axion 800 Series and put in a lot of work and effort.
I hope that the my version of Claas Axion will appeal to you.
Have a nice game!

Claas Axion 800 Series(820,830,840,850,870)

Mod Functions and Changes:
*Corrected textures and,new more real green color and gloss corrected
*New dirt skin and new color dirt
*Added Dynamic Hoses[Front and Back]
*Added new grill(More Realistic)
*Added new engine model
*Added 2 types Michelin Tires with new rims
*Added Tractor registration
*Corrected lights
*Added RDA in wheels
*Added 3 types weights[Claas,Mayer and Hauer]
*New Exhaust effects
*Added foldable Warning signs (IC)
*New physics drive and fixed sliding back wheels
*Added new configurations visual
*Added new used textures for Trellegorg tires
*Added Passenger Script
*Visual changes and much more...
-Full Washable
-Motor configurations
-Movable front axis
-Interactive Control (IC)
-Opening doors, rear window and roof window (IC)
-FL console
-Indoor sound
-Animated joystick
-Adjusting the steering column (IC)
-Possibly open door also from outside(R)
-Full lights
-Speedometer and tachometer
-Animated hydraulic
-Black Edition
-Movable front fender
-Many Wheels configurations
-Dust, tire tracks

In pack:
Claas Axion 800 Series
Claas Axion 800 Series Black edition
Claas weight
Mayer weight
Hauer weight

*Please keep only original download link and don’t reload on other hosts.
*Please appreciate my work and please don’t release edit this version.
*You can add mod on other forums but copy the whole post.

WiettyModsCZ,CMT Software(Smety),Famaro96,T0bi69


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uploaded by Famaro96
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Comments (13)

2018-07-04 13:28:38 ClaasFan (Guest)
Amazing Claas Axion! I like your mods. Famaro96, great job! Thanks ;)
2018-07-04 13:31:40 ClaasFan (Guest)
Deserved 5/5 Stars for Claas Axion 800 Series
2018-07-04 16:51:52 löl (Guest)
andren link zu laden oder kannst behalten
2018-07-04 17:15:49 Roffner (Guest)
Great mod, could you do the Axion 900 Series versions? The Claas Axion 800 Series is amazing. I'm waiting for the Axion 900 Series versions;)Thx
2018-07-04 21:13:10 Mario (Guest)
Mod jest świetny ale czemu z tyłu nie ma pełnej dynamiki pod mororaptora
2018-07-06 10:19:03 Mike (Guest)
all of these features have my 960 long XD with numberplate script and real sound. The thing I laugh XD
2018-07-06 15:08:46 Swift (Guest) my ASS. Why should I pay for a download service when the mod is not licensed by Claas in the first place??? Has the modder actually gone to Claas and obtained a license to re-create their product in a software version? I doubt it very much, in which case, asking money for the mod without compensating the OEM is actually FRAUD! I understand modding takes a lot of effort. But it still does not give the modder the right to charge for his work when he is making a mod that resembles something in real life without getting permission from the OEM! - TAKE NOTE, to all those who ask money for their mod downloads!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHARGE FOR OUR MODS WITHOUT OBTAINING VALID LICENSES FROM OEMs. Unless the mod you make is of an unregistered (imaginative) brand!
2018-07-06 18:08:07 Bauchel (Guest)
Let me explain something to you: 1. You don't have to pay anything for downloading. Just a little patience, 25 minutes. If you are not 12 years old, it is not a problem. 2. I do not see anything strange that for the best of mods and a lot of work modders want even a few Euros. 3. Modders are getting from downloads very small amount of money, their actually "earnings" are based on the premium accounts sales, if someone wants to support their work. 4. Claas is a globally available brand. In the case of non-commercial use, it means that you can legally use the brand for advertising and information purposes. 5. In fact, every mod belongs to the giants and it has copyrights to it.
2018-07-06 19:23:11 SiMR
Bauchel - what are you 12 yrs old?..probally are beings you comments is that of a young teenager. guess what you are Wrong - again!. @Swift is right. in fact it is hide on a Mod site, behind the mask of Modding..all while selling and uploading for profit makes it an even more serious crime. and you twits in Europe have been doing this for quite a many years..Stealing, Copyright infringing, Fraud and bootlegging is exactly what you people do for a living. im not assuming - I am accusing you is exactly what im doing. OUR GOV here in AMERICA..needs to investigate these claims, and these Sites. 1. I do enjoy Mods that make my Farming Simulation Experience a lot better indeed - 2. what I don't like? is the fact..a son a bitch steals someone else's work, or imagery..then posts it on all these mods sites..confusing us gamers..then we are attached to a stolen Mod..see how that fucks with our gaming experience? its the old See No Evil, hear no evil, speak no evil..that underminds these Mod web sites and modding in general.
2018-07-06 20:42:00 Farmer_BoB
Hi there guys, STOP fooling around, watch this amazing review I made on this mod, hope you enjoy it.... :) ....
2018-07-07 01:10:15 Bauchel (Guest)
SiMR - It's just your funny opinion. As I wrote, legally, all mods belong to the Giants so there is no copyright infringement here. I am not interested in the opinion of jealous guy from AMERICA. I am glad that there are still some good mods to play and I don't understand why people cry because of uploaded link. You don't like it, you just don't download it, see how simple is that :)
2018-07-07 04:52:34 SiMR
Jealous guy from America?..i give two shits about anything European home slice..stick that in your ear Punk! and Giants DONT ANYTHING they lease the name brands used in its Farming Simulator series - stupid. Fraud is fkn fraud - how ever you Europeans see it. like I said..OUR Federal law outta to look into to this "copy right issue" that will shut your reckless mouth..ladyboy
2018-07-07 05:54:22 Bauchel (Guest)
Yes yes, we all waiting for your US investigators. Send FBI to settle copyright issues :) You can stick your federal law up your ass. Another idiot who scares people. You'd better look for psychological help.

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