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F450 Dulley, F450 Brush Truck and GMC Sierra 3500

Rating: 4/5, based on 26 votes
uploaded 2017-01-04 03:54:12, by winston9587

This is a Truck Pack.
1) My GMC Sierra 3500
2) My Fixed F450 Dulley (Fixed Missing headlight Chrome and fixed mirrors.)
3) My F450 Brush Truck

MUST UNZIP MOD And Drop all Three files in your mod folder......

All Mods tested on the 64bit Steam Version Of Farming Simulator 2017 not guarented to work on all version of farmsim. 

winston9587 , CarolinaBoy, KingMerc

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (24)

2017-01-04 08:07:06 Lumberjack (Guest)
Your selection is being leased.........Waited 5 minutes, 15, 20 but without success. What to do?
2017-01-04 08:25:48 salmons Farming (Guest)
I have steam Version Of Farming Simulator 2017 the GMC Sierra 3500 and the F450 Brush Truck can't buy at the store
2017-01-04 08:49:24 Avalachetyler (Guest)
plz fix cant buy gmc and brush truck. on a side note good looking mods cant wait till they r fixed
2017-01-04 14:41:50 ImLost (Guest)
The Bush truck and the Chevy have many errors that cause them to no be able to be bought. The errors pertain to bad camera section. You should fix the camera issues then re-release.
2017-01-04 15:47:34 Ruud (Guest)
What map do is see in the background??
2017-01-04 18:41:02 blade
hey i got a ? how did you fix the chrome on the f450 please tell me how because i been trying and no luck
2017-01-06 00:43:32 32bit Steam sucks (Guest)
If you use 32bit version of Steam, you will have problems! New GE is made for 64 bit. I have ran into numerous problems running steam under 32bit, had to give up and go full 64bit now, works flawless for me.
2017-01-06 00:47:07 No problem with mods (Guest)
Your problems is with your PC! If you are running 32bit Windows, Giants has screwed u! NEW GIANTS GE only runs in 64bit OS period! HENCE any mods created with 64bit OS GE will cause problems period. UPGRADE your Windows from 32 bit to 64 bit. READ THE NOTE ABOVE, ONLY WORKS IN 64 BIT! Thank Giants for THAT!
2017-01-06 01:01:57 @blade (Guest)
Learn how to use blender, all you had to do was separate and reblend, textures were screwed up, and not applied. I easily fixed my copy long ago.
2017-01-06 05:31:29 Altafarmer
same issue, GMC and Brush will not purchase, F450 works fine and the air horn is a nice touch, most don't know that is an option in the 450's. We have these at work.
2017-01-06 15:50:47 blade
nvm i fix the chrome textures in GE it was a wrong texture in the cubemap
2017-01-07 05:36:44 david (Guest)
anyone get these two trucks to work yet, i downloaded the steam update for 2017 and i still cant purchase them in game.
2017-01-08 06:22:31 Typical (Guest)
i can only get the f450 dulley ut i see the other 2 in shop but take to long to purchase
2017-01-08 11:33:05 Avalachetyler (Guest)
i have the 64bit game and still nothng with the gmc or brush truck
2017-01-09 00:44:01 blade
they work for me
2017-01-11 03:37:06 Typical (Guest)
Can you fix that issue I want a fire truck in this game
2017-01-13 03:48:03 TypicalGaming04
Fix the issue I want a fire truck so bad in this game
2017-01-21 04:26:29 CaptainX3 (Guest)
Brush truck and Chevy DO NOT work, even on an all 64 bit system. F450 is decent though. Don't bother downloading unless you just want the F450.
2017-02-01 03:09:51 @winston (Guest)
Everyone knows, GMC's and FORD's don't mix, separate the two mods and it should work fine. waiting for a working ver2 of this.
2017-02-21 01:42:07 chrisgoodman5MODZ (Guest)
Never Download !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-02-23 16:03:10 blade
if winston gives me permission to release my working version with the same credit i will have it uploaded but i dont have permission
2017-04-10 00:57:48 Beast (Guest)
I managed to purchase the GMC and the 450, but I can't get the purchase of the Brush Truck to go through. Any ideas of how I can fix this? I don't know how to edit mods or anything.
2017-04-11 05:14:59 cody (Guest)
The trucks don't work
2018-01-06 00:20:34 Ian Grissom (Guest)
Make a Texas state trooper cop car pack mod for fs17 plz? And i love your mods.

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