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1 Quadrillion Starting Money v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 17 votes
uploaded 2016-10-27 09:47:00, by John Der33

You'll never need to worry about not having enough money ever again.



1 Quadrillion Starting Money v 1.0, 1 photo1 Quadrillion Starting Money v 1.0, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (11)

2016-10-27 22:11:43 BigJohnnyD (Guest)
@ Rx1966 STFU you whiney kid. If you don't like this guys mod then DON'T DOWNLOAD IT ffs. As for your other demands you must have turned off the fertilizer/seed/fuel refilling feature that is built into the base game, you idiot. Stop making demands of people, who the fck do you think you are?
2016-10-27 23:53:51 chefman
where do i download this the external download link new to this mod website
2016-10-28 08:30:40 matty_pitt
I agree with @Rx1966. Money mods are pointless. Just edit your savegame if you want squillions. I like to work hard for my things in the game, and I agree, resetting to the farm instead of the sale point would be greatly appreciated!!
2016-10-28 19:19:59 BigJohnnyD (Guest)
@ Rx1966 You deserved "all the cussing" because of the way you spoke to the OP. NOBODY gets paid for making mods and how is he wasting your time? If he wants to have all the money then let him it doesn't effect you or your game. You can't demand that modders make the mods you want but can only be thankful when someone uploads one that you like. As it happens I don't bother with money mods either I'd rather play the game without them. If you don't like running back and forward buying small amounts of consumables then why not get a trailer and load it up before you start then you can haul it around to each field as you go or (if you get stuck) load a pallet on to the back of the pick up and you can refill your equipment from there. Be thankful for every person who takes the time to upload something, whether you like it or not because guys who start out small end up ( with the proper encouragement) going on to make bigger and better mods and without mods I think this game would get boring eventually. If you don't like the mods available how about you MAKE YOUR OWN!! I am going to look into changing the reset point from the shop back to the yard later but I imagine it won't be available as a mod. I think you will just have to do it in the editor. I don't need any bandages or whatever, it would take someone a lot bigger than you to hurt me so stop whining when you get told off or mummy will hear you and take your toys off of you!!
2016-10-29 06:02:15 matty_pitt
@BigJohnnyD - who's the one being juvenile now hey! You are!
2016-10-29 12:50:53 BigJohnnyD (Guest)
I give up, what's the point of trying to talk to you. Look at your first comment and then tell me (without laughing) that you are supportive of this guy. You carry on with your life and I'll carry on being a, ..... what did you call me?,...... a douche canoe - whatever that is? I'm going back to my wife and three kids so .... yeh
2016-10-29 15:58:17 Wolfe (Guest)
Dawson you old faggot, what you doing arguing with kids come back to the server man we miss your grumpy ass. Before you ask I haven't bought this game ffs but Mitch has and he showed me yr comments. You others don't know who BigJ is my friends, he has more money than you guys can ever dream about and is one of the best snipers playing Altis Life (Arma3)
2016-10-29 22:22:59 BigJohnnyD (Guest)
Wolfeee, hows things you old codger? Fancy seeing you here Lol. Do you still have my email? I lost all the ip's and shizz when my house got burgled. I will explain more when we can chat (don't forget the TS ip.) So Young Gun plays FS does he? Can you remember the shit he gave me when he found out I was playing it? Driving a tractor is a bit of a let down for "the best damn get-away driver in the world" That's what he calls himself right? Haha. Talk soon brother.
2016-12-07 02:31:18 dvbncvbjhchdfr (Guest)
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$fngbbbbtg,ftgcfhv 3 v
2017-02-14 11:12:03 Asian (Guest)
why you waste the maney? stop arguing, duh right now
2017-02-17 14:01:43 FacelessFarmer (Guest)
I like it for the fact that when I'm modding I don't have to keep opening the game, loading the farm, save the game, edit the savegame, open the game, load the farm...over and over. Then when you wanna play realistic, remove the mod from your folder. I think it's a real timesaver. Good job.

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