The Godfather's ATS Ai Traffic Pack 3 1.2

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The Godfather's ATS Ai Traffic Pack 3 

* The Godfather's Mods Company Brings to u the The Godfather's ATS Ai Traffic Pack 3 that has been 100% Rebuilt with our brand new Modding Format 
that skins the trailers in a 100% free of lag format and still high in detail with a wopping 600 skins of Real Company/Real Brands/Sports Teams/Movies/Major Stores/Fast Food Companies
Restaurants & Much More u can not go wrong u want realism this is the pack for you works best with a config traffic at 4.0 or with a high tarffic flow mod also this pack works with the 
Pro Mods Canada Map and Other Mod Maps..

* The Godfather's Mods Company Holds all right to all the skins been built in this pack and can not in anyway been reposted to any site and if used
in any of your uploaded videos or livestreams must been giving credit to The Godfather's Mods Company & Australia Worldwide Gaming as we are the owners
of This Mod..

* This pack can Now also be used in Convoy Multiplayer..

(August 2023 Update)
This Update Brings 100 Brand new Skins for the 53ft SCS Trailer also the pack has been updated to work with 1.48x of ATS this update brings alot of new Companies/Sports Teams & Brands and more from Canada..

v1.2 Update (November 24th 2023)
This Update brings the pack up to date to the new 1.49 Update of ATS plus fixes Bugs and also the Cover Photo Updated to The Godfather's Mods Company New Logo.

* Australia Worldwide Gaming & Entertainment You Tube channel is the place to watch all of the gameplay of ATS & ETS2 100% LIVE from Sydney Australia to the world's people each week with Livestreams on Monday's & Thursday's 100% LIVE gameplay at 1440p 60FPS and Full Replay's at HD also shown and added to the ATS playlist we have you cant
go wrong we always fresh with new Paintjobs on all our Trucks and Trailers on each uploaded video and Livestream plus is the place to watch all the Previews of out upcoming mods and Updates to mods we have already and all of our mods can be downloaded at our brand new Web Page at 100% free just have winrar or win7 installed and add them to your mods folder and turn them on in the mods area in the game and off u go in return we ask for u to show your support for the time we have taken to build the mods for u buy using the super thanks or super chat/stickers on our uploaded videos and livestreams buy buying me a coffee $$$$..

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