RTA-Mods Kenworth K200 v14.3 HCC edit (BSA edit) for ATS v1.37

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4 months ago
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- Standalone.
- Kenworth dealers, mod dealers.
- Two cabins.
- 5 chassis.
- Own interior.
- Accessories.
- Paintjobs.
- Own wheels.
- SCI Steering Wheels DLC included (2020 update).
- Advanced Coupling System support.
- Trailer cables support.
- Window animation support.
- Added to Quick Jobs.
- Presented in Trucks Gallery.
- Engines sound updated.


jekich1,Oleg Verhovodov,SCS: - 3D model.
Smith - Template, assistance with animation etc.
Oleg Verhovodov (Fire-Blade): - Interior model, modeling.
Mikhail Verhovodov: - Conversion to the game, setting up materials, textures. Animation. Baking.
Virat - steering wheel modeling.
Evelin_Sophie: - Skin Pack. Testing.
kriechbaum: - Sounds, engines and transmissions.
Driver Geo: - Video
Mick Brown: - Technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson - Technical support.


HCC - Truck model editing, 8x4 Twin-drive and 8x6 Tri-drive axle chassis modeling, plus adding of some accessories for them.

Engines sound credits:

Kriechbaum - Paccar MX-13 and Cummins 444 Series;
Piva - Cummins ISX12 and ISX15 Series;
Imsonutz - CAT C15S.


BSA Junk Yard Revision notes:


- ATS v1.37 adaptation;


Fixed: windshield and door glasses for correct rain and wipers acting, other minor fixes, DX11 adaptation;


Added: SCI Steering Wheels DLC + Steering Wheel Knobs, interior light, new variants of bumpers, bullbars, mudguards, some other external decorative accessories;


Revised: UI shadows, collision, coupling system, compatibility of all the truck's accessories to each other;


Changed: each model file of the truck, exterior and interior was broken into two to less these files' weight to meet the game requirements, and to try to resolve the problem of the game lags;


Deleted: duplicate details in truck, interior and exterior model files, some useless files.


Credits: blacksitearea

To have onboard computer functioning, always quit to the main menu from the truck's interior before you exit the game.


About Mod

Latest Version v1.37
Game ATS
Category Trucks
Game Version 1.37.x
Downloads 2919
Created 4 months ago


johnash (Guest)
4 months ago

People like to ****, thank you Oleg and friends.


@DonPeppe, I think nobody can make the wipers longer so that they would process more area of the windshield without having their ends going beyond the upper limits of the windshield.

1 month ago

@busta, that means two k200 in one mod.

busta (Guest)
1 month ago

i wish LHD/ RHD was optional just as the previous versions. great mod

qluedo (Guest)
4 months ago

goood one, when you make same with peterbilt 359 RTA, will be ultra.

mojo (Guest)
4 months ago

thanks 4 this one

4 months ago

But on the left a third remains hidden from the window, so the view is very limited. I moved my sitting position to the middle, which only helps to a limited extent


@DonPeppe, how could the left wiper go to the left further, if it already comes to its vertical position.

4 months ago

Mod is super everything works only the windshield wipers still don' go to the left end of the window. My favorite truck !! Mod ist Super alles funktioniert nur die Scheibenwischer gehen noch immer nict bis links zum Fensterende.Mein Lieblingstruck!!

ElEter (Guest)
4 months ago

looks like fly-gaming is back again blaming TSA , man we all know you a idiot, why do they have to be at the center of all mods problems, any mod by blacksitearea are just broken and never work well no TSa mod here, just RTA edited by blacksitearea or so he say he did

Bora Cock Flogger (Guest)
4 months ago

George get an education you dumb asshole, TSA never publicly released any trucks, TSA invented the words PRIVATE MOD, like take a look at that Bora flog,, this truck has been re-posted over and over again with nothing done to it because the uploader is just as dumb as you, thinking oh duh it works in 1,37 for me so it must be ok,, ever heard of an error log you flogs, anyway keeping trashing TSA as they deserve it for being the kings of PRIVATE MODS but don' use them as an excuse for you lack of knowledge about the flog who keeps uploading this same truck over and over without actually doing anything to it, PS: your still a ****got too

ElEter (Guest)
4 months ago

blacksitearea¨, Dude, I leave you the link of the video in 2 K, if you want to use the same, from me is a way to thank for said mod, greetings https://youtu.be/zlQabOLhJAI

ElEter (Guest)
4 months ago

Video in Hd : https://youtu.be/22X1LgdqphE

4 months ago

ElEter such condescendent prick lol. Classic TSA workaround.


@ElEter, your favourite camion? Very glad for you!

ElEter (Guest)
4 months ago

Gracias blackstearea,es un muy bonito camion , saludos y nuevamente gracias. Thank you blackstearea, it's a very nice truck, greetings and thank you again.


@Win, whose sounds do you think are awful, Kriechbaum's or Piva's? Are RTA's mirrors and wipers bad? Make your own that would satisfy you.


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