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Canadian Ultimate Map v10

Rating: 3/5, based on 13 votes
uploaded 2018-03-30 04:49:48, by renebqc

Canadian Ultimate Map v10

This is a multifruits map with breeding animals.

You need:
Kotte Universal liquid transport pack mod,  oignons and carrots headers, there are many models available.

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (17)

2018-03-30 04:58:39 jimsgamestreams
Is a fresh game needed or can we load up a save?
2018-03-30 07:13:42 jimsgamestreams
You made the roof green on purpose didn't you lol. If I get home tomorrow and work hasn't beat me up too bad I will do another stream and a drive around of the map. I see you added fish production as well as well as filled in the empty spot with another refinery up by the docks and from the quick once around all the fields are flat. I noticed other changes as well and when I do my stream I will mention them. As always it look awesome and it will be fun to play on it.
2018-03-30 12:21:04 Dracula (Guest)
is that a joke or what, the BGA is on field 6 where barley is growing, why do not you test it before you upload something, thumbs down from me.
2018-03-30 12:38:35 minncrazy
sweet goods good
2018-03-30 12:39:39 dumi (Guest)
I agree with Dracula
2018-03-30 12:39:40 minncrazy
sweet looks good
2018-03-30 13:57:21 Gamejack
Sry, in Germany it means a bed in the cornfield and in English a BGA in the cornfield.
2018-03-30 14:31:59 jd (Guest)
@ Dracula I agree with you. I think he does it on purpose, so people have to keep downloading new fix updates, so his download rates are higher!! JMO
2018-03-30 15:37:53 battlecommander
map is awesome you rock
2018-03-30 15:51:02 renebqc
The field in BGA is bad, I fix it and upload another one,
2018-03-30 16:46:14 Paulie (Guest)
today, 15:51 renebqc The field in BGA is bad, I fix it and upload another one, I have downloaded previous versions of the map. I have on map 9 final repaired bump in field 21 where u havent it repaired in 3 (three) diferent version of the map (etc.: 9.1, 9.2, 9f). It takes me four minutes of hard work. :-). Many other fixes i have made in height of roads where if u have camera by driving tractor or other vehicle set high u see flickering texture on it. Three minutes of hard work. my resume is if u make fixes u made many other. U must tested map before u upload it. I stay on version 9 final. thats for me the last and best map. Reagards.
2018-03-30 18:11:47 jimsgamestreams
sad some of these comments are people put many many hours into their maps and some of the comments i have read are why many modders keep their work private, guess im just old and believe in constructive criticism instead of complaining on something that cost nothing out of pocket to those complaining, and yes i did not use periods cause this old laptop at work is broken and that button doesnt work,
2018-03-30 19:27:56 Paule (Guest)
To jimgamestreams. I know how hard is work on making a map. But if people who download map, try it and found any issue, write this to author and author's reactionn is upload a new map with more bugs a nd issues, then i don't know ! I'm not young boy im 34 yrs old and i have making lot of mods for FS17. This is my only reaction because on previos maps versions people saying to author here's a problem and author's reaction is uploading new map instead fixing issues in the old one. I do not hate map or make rumor's, i only draw attention for problem where is, and author never write me any answer, only u are respond to me.
2018-03-30 19:51:26 dumi (Guest)
I also have flashing textures on the road. some advice please?
2018-03-31 14:17:00 Farmer BoB (Guest)
Hi guys, Here is a review on this map that i have done, i am sure you will enjoy fully!! :) Farmer BoB
2018-04-02 21:35:02 Eemhuus (Guest)
Is it now multiplayer ready? Thanx..
2019-01-22 13:28:26 Al-Dahna (Guest)
Good day, in Giants Editor your maps look great, as it's the only way i can see them. I have downloaded and installed the latest sets you have 7-9-10.... Non of witch will open in the game. I am not sure if I might be missing something or my computer is two slow. I have a 2GB GPU and 1TB hard drive on a windows 10 system. PLENTY OR RAM for other task I do as well as Farming Sim---. any recommendations would be nice. I will attempt to strip the map or decor and see if that helps it load in my system, This seems the only option I can try... tho it's going to spoil all the work you put into it. but i keep the original so i can restore back to your specs.

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