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GoldCrest Valley Colorado V1

Rating: 3/5, based on 38 votes
uploaded 2017-01-20 13:48:55, by mrscsi999

Stock GoldCrest Valley but has Cannibis added as a crop. Vehicle spawning has been set to the farm yard. Right now it sows, grows, stores and sells... Weed uses standard grain header. Stores in the farm silo and sells at the bakery and Wright Agribusiness... Those can be controlled in the map01.xml file... Also seed and cultivator in the default vehicles file are on the opposite field than where they should be but just move them ;)


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uploaded by mrscsi999
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Comments (24)

2017-01-20 19:23:37 Fabian (Guest)
Tu idea de narco es una basura, la droga mata sos una basura vos y tu mapa.
2017-01-20 23:17:25 rage17 (Guest)
so we can grow weed? nice dude, does it look like weed plants when it is fully grown?
2017-01-21 00:33:41 mrscsi999
Jesus, it IS a game guys number 1, Number 2 I am teaching myself the process for adding ADDITIONAL crops and weed was the easiest to start with. So hey if you don't want it, don't download it but just bitchin in the comments I can see why the modding community is starting to say "screw the enduser"
2017-01-21 00:52:14 highdesert
yes, fabian definately isn't a weed advocate. :LOL but I am. For me, the game crashes with mods activated. never gets past loading. runs without mods, but not a hint of a weed plant. doesn't show in price list. I love the concept. Hope you get it worked out. I'll be glad to test.
2017-01-21 01:03:30 highdesert
I DID find some stray weed plants on field 12, left over probably from a test harvest. but no reference to the crop anywhere else.
2017-01-21 01:15:44 highdesert
update: I began activating mods one at a time. I activated universal process kit, create fields, growth manager, gps, player speed all at once, and one of them made the weed show up. I would suspect the universal process kit, but then I'm not a modder. Hope this helps.
2017-01-21 01:17:51 mrscsi999
For those having issues. All my testing was done on the retail DVD version of FS17 with patch 1.31 installed....
2017-01-21 01:19:04 mrscsi999
@HIGHDESERT Probably was the UPK
2017-01-21 07:47:07 dctoe
Nice mod map. For those "High" and mighty angels out there, it is legal in Colorado, so... yeah. Pull your head out and find another map. Doubt it smells better than this one! :) And lighten up. There are worse things happening in places more real than this game.
2017-01-21 21:02:45 SavageMkII
Ok, so how do you harvest cannabis? Combining doesn't make sense, since you want the plant, not the seeds primarily. I guess a forage harvester could work, but wouldn't that more or less destroy the crop for traditional use? I don't really understand how this crop would be easier to install as an additional crop than say, sorghum or millet.
2017-01-21 21:47:19 mrscsi999
@SavageMkII IT IS CALLED A "GAME" maybe you have heard the word? So when skreekton came out for 15 were you right there with the same question? Because with that one you used a combine as well...
2017-01-22 07:36:17 highdesert
I can confirm that if you have the universal process kit mod activated, no weed shows up anywhere in the program. I was also able to run it with all other mods activated by being sure to uncheck all the other maps that for some reason Giants mixes together with the other mods. mrscsi999: I'd like to add that you should ignore these idiots that leave those disturbing comments. They're like little kids. React to their sarcasm and you're feeding them. Ignore them and they will go away hunting other fresh meat. :)
2017-01-22 07:56:11 highdesert
I can now also confirm that if you have already sown and harvested some weed and then you activate UPK, and then exit and deactivate UPK all your weed in the farm silo AND in your harvestors will be gone when you run the map again. I'm out of the woods now that I know, but you may want to fix this to prevent others getting hit with it.
2017-01-22 21:46:02 dctoe
@Savage - I would hazard the guess that IRL, if one were to want to harvest in such large quantities, a modified version of a grain header would really be what we would want. It would harvest the bud and leave the stems as straw, which could be collected for making hemp fabrics and rope. That would be the trick; keeping the other usable part of the plant. Then you would be making money from the whole plant. And good money at that! LOL
2017-02-02 20:19:15 jack (Guest)
weed looks like corn
2017-02-09 09:23:05 guest (Guest)
nice try lol
2017-07-16 21:02:43 MLGfarmer (Guest)
IGN would like the weed aspect. SNOOPDOGGGG!!!!11!!1!
2017-07-18 23:00:23 Major (Guest)
And proud of it penner? I've lost two friends to drugs and I've been on the scene I know what there for a tail to hang! And I do not come "only from it ropes, clothes and and and made" that I know but for the most part it is now illegally consumed
2017-09-18 16:22:11 Dude (Guest)
@Major - but i dont think u lost ur friends in cause of weed smoking, didnt you? I tell u what. I lost my two uncles, and a lot of friends to drugs. namely alcohol, cigarettes and sugar and i never blamed somebody who smoke or drink or eat shit made of pure sugar. Why? Self-responsibility...
2018-02-08 16:11:05 Rx1966
the Dude Abides
2018-03-07 09:51:20 Rx1966
Someone here is smoking more than weed. im 51 yrs old..and i am from an era where My friends did loose their lives from Bad Weed..not sense then, has Anyone lost they're lives from inhaling Real Weed..and don't recite the hypocritical oath and tell me "Weed leads to harder drugs"..BS - dipshits that want harder drugs, lead themselves to harder drugs. spice is not weed..that's chem's manufactured by stupid people for stupid people. So quit blaming marijuana
2018-07-22 21:05:56 Fusion (Guest)
Links Off
2018-10-02 01:59:35 DerekWiedenheft
Can you fix the link?
2019-02-01 05:39:23 Infet (Guest)
Cool Idea & everything, but I had to manually change the weed crop textures for more realistic ones, adjusted the prices, sell points and deleted all the additional fruit types you added, wich you can't sell and just convert into other filltypes for fodder, which you don't even explain on the description xD Thanks for the map anyways

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