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Rating: 4/5, based on 12 votes
uploaded 2018-02-02 20:34:53, by Rain

Welcome to Oakfield Farm....this is a realistic map set in the area of Gloucestershire UK.
- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
- This map has additional fruits = Oats, Rye , Spelt , Millet. Fertilizer = Lime, compost.
- Includes GMKFC mod
- Custom crop/Grass textures with many other new textures for ground foliage etc.
- Two farms (Cows and Sheep) (Pigs and Chickens).
- Realistic map with everything from the real life area modelled and positioned.
- New plough texture.
- Detailed interior farm house
- Full seasons support with many new seasons textures and models (snowmen iccles etc.).
- 3 sell points,BGA etc.
- 48 fields small/medium/large which are all to scale and correctly positioned from real life.
- Real google image PDA map.
- 2 large placeable areas which have to be bought before you can place buildings.
- Over 100 new models made by myself.
- Forestry,sawmill area and missions all included.
- Chopped straw (pc only).
- Various custom sounds across the map.
- Multi terrain angle (PC only)


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uploaded by Rain
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Comments (10)

2018-02-03 08:17:37 Shep
A true work of art
2018-02-03 13:10:30 simon (Guest)
great work oxygendavid love this map thanks
2018-02-04 01:16:35 Fid (Guest)
2018-02-04 05:25:02 thierryc9 (Guest)
Tres belle map mais il est impossible de mettre des mods placeable sur les terrains prevus..?
2018-02-04 15:47:26 SavageMkII
I don't know who Rain is, but he has no right to upload this map to sharemods. It's available on Giants official modhub, so please people, go download it there, and give the brilliant author the credit he is due for this truly amazing map!
2018-02-04 16:41:08 Ernst (Guest)
2018-02-04 22:26:41 IHfarmer
please everyone go to modhub and download this
2018-02-07 21:12:52 Farmer girl (Guest)
Brilliant map. Best I've played in a while
2018-02-08 17:18:50 Rx1966
brilliant Map? some modder included enterior decorations..and 100 personal made mods..of Worthless Junk. this is typical of modders these days, always including about 1Gb of useless, worthless - mods and or space. do you even know Anything about Actual Farming? Nothing in this maps caters to the farmer..only the modder..clap clap for the modders..boy, your map sure got me interested in farming for sure- NOT!..but the water sure does sparkle, and the clouds are fluffy indeed, and ohh the sky is a more real- we dont need MORE STUFF..what we need is better BGA scripts, Smart Traffic scripts, Realistic field prices, Realistic prices for equipment, addded Feed Mixers, better Silos- More Silage clamps, wider roads, forgotten fruits, better triggers, saw mills that actualy work..more direct routes, but no- you modders are going for Better Homes and Gardens awards..for a house "YOU CANT USE FOR NOTHING"
2018-02-10 18:54:52 kliefhamer (Guest)
yet another amazing map from oxygendavid, and finaly a map where the ai vehicle extension mod works properly, cheers m8 and keep up the good work, loving your maps. greetz from belgium

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